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Visit the cabin of Alaskan Adventurer Richard (Dick) Proenneke of the book "One Man's Wilderness".

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Windsong Wilderness Retreat was by far our best decision. If you are looking for the true Alaskan experience away from the hustle and bustle of society, then this is the real deal. Gary Titus has worked hard to keep his cabin on Twin Lakes a singular experience for his guests, where they can truly connect with the beauty of Twin Lakes and experience it in the way it is intended. It's does not feel like a tourist lodge, but rather a personal visit.
His cabin provides you with the safety and security of a clean and tidy roof over your head, while allowing you to live off grid and work for your comforts a little bit. You'll have the opportunity to scoop and filter water from the lake, cook over a propane stove, and hand wash your dishes like momma used to make you. I found myself so much more mindful of my resources, waste, and habits. It was refreshing to simplify the routine tasks of daily living.
Some may come to Twin Lakes to simply enjoy the beauty with a good percolated cup of coffee, but if you are like us, you come for adventure. Twin Lakes gave us all we could handle and then some. We took daily hikes ranging in difficulty and level of danger, but always beautiful! With access to the boat, we hiked Teetering Rock, Emerson Creek, Falls Mountain, the Cowgill Benches, and the lake shore from the cabin. Each offered us a different perspective of the area and provided as much or little challenge as we wished to take on for the day. It was as easy as the uphill hike to Teetering Rock behind Dick Proenekke's cabin or the full scale summit of the trail-less Falls Mountain peak.
When at the cabin, we had opportunities to fish off the dock, hand feed the jays leftover pancakes off the front porch, or watch the bears and wildlife through the spotting scope. On a rainy day you can pick a book or compilation of local history from Gary's extensive collection in the cabin while you watch the ducks tool around the dock. There was not one day of boredom or lack of things to do. In fact, we got fogged in an extra day, which we considered a gift.
But the best part of a stay at Windsong has to be learning from Gary's impressive life experiences as a "real" Alaskan. Arriving in Alaska after college with only a backpack, Gary has lived the Alaskan dream that so many seek. His vast knowledge of oral histories, locations, and wildlife can't be quantified. Those who are lucky enough to pick his brain for an hour or two will find as much unique Alaska lore as any book or tv show could hope to provide.
It was with great effort and resources that we got to Windsong, but we certainly hope to return again one day.

Tom, Erinn, Ozzy Jankowski 2020


Summer of 2019: “If you are at that point in life where you still want to do adventurous trips but no longer want to carry a 50 lb. backpack for hours hiking into back country and set up camp in the dark  - then Gary’s WINDSONG WILDERNESS RETREAT cabin is for you.   That’s what I and my High School buddies had decided for our annual ‘Guy Trip’.  WINDSONG CABIN is ‘back country’ enough for anyone. The only other person, beside Gary, that we saw in the week we stayed, was one of the Park Rangers; and that was for about an hour while visiting the famous Dick Proenneke cabin on the other side of the lake.  The guest cabin, built entirely by Gary, was well appointed enough to provide basic comforts of a propane stove and refrigerator, games, wood stove, and a short walk to the outhouse, sauna and an outdoor shower.  That left plenty of time to fish the lake, hike into surrounding valleys of fields of blueberries (and bear, dall sheep and moose) or up to the surrounding mountain peaks, or just sit on the bench swing and read while the Grey Jay’s hovered around looking for a handout.  A perfect mixture of rustic comfort, and wilderness appeal. Not to be missed."

Ron Bowman, Larry Griffith, Warren Kinney


A stay at Windsong Wilderness Retreat is an adventure of a lifetime! The cabin provided all the perfect amenities for backcountry relaxation- a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, and books and games for rainy days. The sauna and picking fresh blueberries were special treats!  Gary is a fantastic host and meets you upon arrival. Though he isn't a guide, Gary can make recommendations for where to hike, fish and see wildlife through the spotting scope. I recommend this trip to anyone who would like to truly get away and experience Alaska. 

2019, Erica Curry (and David, Emily and Vince) 

In August, my husband and I spent a wonderful three days at Windsong Wilderness Retreat.  Our host, Gary was fantastic. Gary personally knew Dick for many years, so he shared several interesting personal stories.  Joe and Gary had a good time hiking behind Dick's cabin. We had full use of Gary's boat to go exploring.  On our last night, Gary caught a beautiful lake trout for our dinner. 

The cabin was immaculate with the added bonus of a propane refrigerator and stove.  The cabin was comfortable, serene and beautiful.  We would highly recommend Windsong to those travelers who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience. 

Sherrie Temple 2016

Four of us (two couples) enjoyed a six night stay in the Windsong Cabin on Twin Lakes in June 2016. My husband and I are long-time Alaskans and have experienced much of Alaska. For example, we’ve kayaked on the Wood Tik Chik Lake system, backpacked across Unalaska, and canoed down the Ivishak and other “wild and scenic” arctic rivers. Lake Clark National Park has been on our radar for years as another special Alaskan region we wanted to explore.  We are now older and want to be in wilderness but also enjoy a few more comforts. The Windsong Cabin on Twin Lakes was perfect. Compared to other backcountry lodging options in SW Alaska, the cabin is an excellent value.  We flew in from Anchorage because of convenience, but could also have flown in from Soldotna. The owner of Windsong Cabin, Gary Titus, greeted us when we arrived and provided a helpful orientation. Gary Titus is a retired federal game warden and the author of a book about Andrew Berg, one of the first big game guides in Alaska. Gary’s in-depth knowledge about the history and geography of Twin Lakes greatly enhanced our experience.

The propane frig and stove in the cabin were luxuries for us. Cabin arrangements were well thought out, with good natural lighting and seating to take advantage of the wonderful view.  The outhouse was recently constructed, with absolutely no odor. The skiff provided allowed us to explore the country around the upper lake. Our primary interest was hiking. We took five different day hikes--to Teetering Rock behind Dick Proenneke’s cabin, Emerson Creek, the “Bear Mountain” drainage, and up Low and Birch Passes. This is cross country hiking (no trails) at its best.  The terrain is generally open, with good visibility.

A highlight on one of our hikes was watching a grizzly plowing like a bulldozer through mounds of dirt, unearthing an arctic ground squirrel. Although other visitors to the cabin in the past have mentioned black bears in the vicinity of the cabin, this was not a concern during our visit. None of us are avid fishermen, but we caught enough grayling for one dinner and prided ourselves on leaving lots of fish for others to catch. We fished because, unusually for June, we were weathered in for one night.  Fortunately, I had booked a refundable ticket for the return leg of the flight from Anchorage to our home in SE Alaska. Windsong Cabin is a comfortable way to experience a breathtakingly beautiful and wild location in Alaska.  Anyone who experiences it is indeed fortunate!

Mary Therese Thompson and Peter Gorman 2016

From September 10 until September 15, 2016 my two brothers, my brother in law and I stayed at the Windsong Wilderness Retreat, Twin Lakes, Lake Clark NP. Having traveled around the world, including many parts of Alaska, this is the most gorgeous place  I have ever visited. The mountain scenery, the autumn colors, the blue water of the lakes, it was absolutely breathtaking! The cabin was excellent and considering the remoteness of the place, a 5 star accommodation. Gary has a true love of nature and knows everything about the wilderness. And beside this, he is a very nice person and we all appreciated his company. Walking in bear country in a trail less wilderness we felt safe with him.  Dall sheep are our favorite animals and we were able to watch them from a very short distance. This was not a vacation, this was a life experience. All four of us recommend the Windsong Wilderness Retreat from the bottom of our hearts!

Amsterdam, Tony (Ton), Josh (Jos), Albert/Alfred (Arpad) and Art (Ad)

I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world, but I don't think I have ever seen a prettier place than Twin Lakes.  We spent five days there last summer (2013), and wished we could have stayed much longer.  The cabin is great, and the scenery stunning.  We did a lot of hiking and a fair bit of fishing.  I have never tasted anything as good as the fresh-caught lake trout we fried up in the cabin - unless it was the blueberry pancakes, made with wild blueberries we picked up on the Cowgill Benches overlooking the lake.  We hardly saw a soul the whole time, unless you count the bears!  It is a truly magical place, and I look forward to going back.

Phyllis Dawson

My brother and I visited Windsong Wilderness Retreat in August of 2012 and I can't say enough great things about the experience and the service Gary provided before and after the trip.  Our primary goal was to fish and we lost track of the number of fish we landed. We only needed to keep one fish per day to feed us both. We ate like kings! 

The accommodations offered a wonderful balance between the right about of "roughing it" and all the comforts of home. We didn't miss electricity for a second! The quiet and stillness of this remote place was just what we needed to reset our internal batteries and to take stock of the important things in life.

I have to say, having the only boat on the lake was a thrill for us - coming from areas of the country where fisherman are elbow to elbow at times, it was great to experience the solitude of the wilderness (from the boat as well as from land). 

My brother and I hope to be back some day as soon as our schedules permit. (If it were up to me, I would spend a month there every summer)

Stan Sparrow, Phoenix Arizona 

Hi Gary,

We had an awesome time at Wind Song (2013) and can't wait to come back. We hiked every day and decided Emerson Falls was our favorite hike. We really enjoyed the use of the boat as well and taking a tour around Dick's cabin. We saw a Lynx up close our very first hour at Twin Lake, very exciting!
The little jay bird was a cool touch to the place as well. Thanks again, can't wait to return.  

Patti and Jason

In August 2012 my wife Roberta, our two sons Carlo Alberto 8,and Lorenzo 5, and I visited Windsong Wilderness Retreat . 1 hour after we were left on the shore by the plane, a female black bear with her cub come and visited us. I still have in my eyes the excitement of the kids, coming from a big industrial Italian city and finally experiencing what they have been seeing for long in TV.
We still have great memories and I firmly believe that thanks to diving form the pier, fishing, feeding the jays, playing with the squirrels, it was the best holiday they ever spent so far!
Hope to be back sooner or later.

Giovanni- Torino-Italy



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